First of all, its pronounced SHE-GI-EL. How does ‘szcz’ turn into ‘she’? Ask a Polish academic and get back to me. My name is Deanna Szczygiel, I’m a final year design student and fellow resident of Western Sydney.

People say curiosity killed the cat, but I’m a dog lover so my mind wonders on intrigued by the unknown. This dog bias character creates a determined mind-frame which helps me keep focused and succeed, even if I stumble along the way. 


I’m known to be a quick, eager learner who loves teamwork but can also work independently quite comfortably. These skills and traits have been recognised and practiced during my time studying a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at Western Sydney University.


I’m currently a Junior Graphic Designer at TheOnlineCo. where I’ve had the opportunity to explore my interest in marketing and advertising, as well as developing a specialisation in social media management. As a well-rounded designer, I actively look for opportunities to learn and grow so that I can expand on my capabilities within the creative industries.